From the recording A Child's Xmas

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I hope you enjoy this children’s nighttime Christmas meditation. We’ll journey together to see a big beautiful balsam Christmas tree . . . so festive . . . and bright . . . with colored bulbs in reds, greens, blues and pinks.

Garland made from cranberries and popcorn encircle the tree from top to bottom while a mother doe and her fawn gently nibble at it while the music gently lulls you to sleep.

This guided meditation about 45+ minutes long.

About Me: I am a Guided Meditation Artist & Reiki Master. One of my life purposes is to create meditations that help people relax and sleep.

My meditations have been downloaded over 250,000 times and are available on popular media outlets like iTunes & Spotify with my musician, Jim Butler, and his Deep Energy Podcasts.

I have now started my own Podcast due to the overwhelming responses to my meditations. Please enjoy and I hope you have a wonderful night sleep!

Merry Christmas!


Debbie Boucher: Vocals and Writer

Jim Butler: Music