From the recording The Xmas Angel

The Christmas Angel

Enjoy the Christmas season with this relaxing guided meditation to help you sleep. Journey with me where you will see the most beautiful Christmas Angel aglow in a white satin robe. Her cheeks and lips are so pink and her eyes are a brilliant beautiful blue. Atop of her head is a beautiful wreath made of greenery and bright red berries. As you gaze into her eyes, she smiles down at you filling you with warmth and joy. You feel at peace . . . and your heart overflows with love . . . as you remember the true meaning of Christmas.

Please enjoy and I hope you have a wonderful night sleep!

With Light & Love,

About Me: I am a Guided Meditation Artist & Reiki Master. One of my life purposes is to create meditations that help people relax and sleep. My meditations released with my musician, Jim Butler and his Deep Energy Podcasts, have been downloaded over 250,000 and are available on popular media outlets like iTunes & Spotify.

As a result of the overwhelming responses to my meditations, I have started my own podcast. To learn more about me and to join my mailing list, please visit my website at

Debbie Boucher: Vocals and Writer
Jim Butler: Music
Larisa Koshkina: Illustration