Finding your Soul Mate

Can the power of positive thinking help you meet your soul mate? Most definitely! 

I was 23 years when I had written my “husband wish list”, I was tired of dating men who didn’t like to work or have a sense of humor. Hence the reason I came up with the following traits I had wanted in my future husband (besides him being like my dad): 

·      Likes to work; 

·      Has a sense of humor; 

·      Nice looking (hey, what can I say . . . I was 23 at the time:)). 

When I was 18, my dad had invited a co-worker friend over to the house who happened to be a psychic. At the time, she would use her psychic abilities to help the local police department find missing children. My dad started cajoling me, saying, “Have her read your palms, Debbie!”. This made me nervous, and I said, “No Way.”  But curiosity got the best of me and I finally agreed. 

So she took my hands (palms up) and started looking at the lines on my hands. She said that I would soon be meeting a man with the initial “R,” and she saw a lot of blue and the No. 6. She then said he would wine and dine me but would not be the man I would marry. I would meet my husband in my travels and we would have two children together. At the end, she said that at any time, I could change the path of my future. 

Sure enough, a week later, we had a water bed delivered to help with my dad’s back. The delivery guy’s name was Robert, he delivered the water bed at 6:00 pm, and the blue was the color of the bed and the water that goes in it. He did wine and dine me but wasn’t the marrying type of guy. Looking back, if I did marry him, we would be divorced now. We were just two different types of people with nothing in common. 

Fast forward to now, and my soul mate, David, and I will be celebrating our 28th wedding anniversary, and we have two children named Jackie and Michael. And, he has all the traits I had written down, including the same personality as my dad. 

Another interesting factor is both David and my son, Michael, have the same Chinese sign that my dad did . . . the Dragon. 

Have you had something similar happen to you?  If so, I’d love to hear about it!