Coincidence or Answer to a Prayer?

My life change when my mom died.  I remember the day like it was yesterday.  It was a Sunday afternoon in August 2016 when my mom had died.  Prior to receiving the call from the nursing home that her time was near, 100 dragonflies appeared outside our garage.  This magically sight was the beginning of my spiritual journey.  

It has also made me think back to times in my life and wonder whether it was a coincidence or an answer to a prayer?  

With that reason, I wanted to share an experience that occurred about 20 years ago (and yes, I am dating myselfJ).  At the time, I was finishing up my Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing and my final class was a Capstone Course where I had to write a marketing plan for a business.  

I was going to night school while working a full-time job during the day.  This was also before my husband and I had kids and we lived in a quaint, small two-bedroom home in the city. 

A few days before my final class, I was leaving to go to work.  After starting my car, I noticed a huge spider sitting behind the dashboard glass on the gas gauge.  I am not a fan of spiders, so was very happy that the glass separated us.  I started to tap the glass so the spider would get off the gas gauge.  When the spider finally moved . . . the gas gauge stayed stuck on “Empty”. 

At the time, I believed there was plenty of gas in the car (or so I thought). 

Thursday night arrives and I am happily driving home from my final exam when my car starts to splutter and die on a four-lane highway.  The time is about 9:00 pm at night.  

I was scared to death. 

I locked all the doors and sat in total darkness as the cars flew by me gently rocking my car back and forth.  My mind started racing about everything that could go wrong not to mention thinking about every horror movie where a girl is stranded in a car . . . (okay, lets not go there).  

I started to pray that everything would be alright.  

I notice that there were no houses on my right where the car had died . . . just a forest of trees.  However, in the distance on the other side of the road, I could see lights . . . which meant crossing all four lanes with a grassy median strip to get there. 

For many of you wondering, I did not have a cell phone then since they were just coming out on the market.  I didn't have roadside assistance.  I was also dressed in nice work clothes since I had worked that day. 

So I unlocked the car door and as soon as there were no cars coming in either direction, I took a leap of faith and darted across the highway.  I then encountered a chain link fence separating the houses from the highway.   Luckily, at the time, I was in great physical shape from jogging so I easily climbed the fence and ran to the first house I saw. 

The backside of the house was facing the highway, so I ran around to the front and knocked on the door.  A middle age woman answered the door and I breathlessly explain that my car had died on the highway and could I please use her phone to call my husband.  She agreed.  

I called Dave and explained what had happened and could he come pick me up.  He then asked for the address.  I turned to the woman and asked where she lived. 

What happened next left me dumbfounded . . . 

She replied that her address was “9 Hillcrest  . . .”.   Dave and I lived at 9 Hillcrest . . . in the next town over!   Was this an answer to a prayer or a coincidence . . . you decide.  I truly believe it was an answer to a prayer.  

As always, thank you for reading my post.  If you’ve had something similar happen to you, I would love to hear about it.  May your day be filled with light and love.