Your Crown Chakra 

This is the end of my seven-week series about Chakras.  Thank you for reading them!  My series has been just a brief overview about Chakras.  There are many wonderful books out there that can provide you with more information.  I learned about Chakras as part of my Reiki training.  

This week is about our Crown Chakra which is located on your head at the top of it.   It is our spirituality and connecting to it.  I love my Crown Chakra this is where I envision my connection to heaven.    It is also about pure bliss.  

When I had my first Reiki session with Chakras, I can’t begin to describe the overwhelming happiness I felt afterwards.  Because of this happiness, I am now a Reiki Master and big believer in the importance of clearing your Chakras.  

I hope you enjoy listening to this guided meditation.

As always, I hope you have a blessed day & evening. 

Light & Love,