Your Third Eye Chakra

This is the sixth of a seven-week series about Chakras.  This week is about our Third Eye (Brow) Chakra.  Your Third Eye is located between your two eyes. This is about trusting your intuition and imagination.   

When your Third Eye is blocked, it can lead to headaches, eye and ear problems. 

Indigo is one of the colors associated with your Third Eye.  To keep this Chakra clear, it is important to eat foods including grapes, eggplant, walnuts, salmon, etc. 

One of my mantras when I am meditating to help clear this Chakra is by saying, “It is safe for me to see with my Third Eye”.  I then image a beautiful eye that is opening up and allowing me to see the future that I envision for myself as if it has already happened.  I like to call this my power of positive thinking.  

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